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Love triangle- Poof and Foop fall in love with Goldie. To do that they have to see which one who will win Goldies love and a Kiss from her. My Freaked Hair- Timmys hair stinks so he wishes he had the best hair ever. Crocks poof-crocker gets poof to be his godparent. Bubble love- trixie falls for bubble gum. Mine mine mine- poof steals cosmos and wandas wands and Timmy has to get em back or its doom time. Wizard of odd parents- Timmy wishes for a wizard of oz spoof to impress trixie My first wedding- Timmy and tootie are married. The stupid stick- Timmy tries some stuff with gum. Vicksdale-vicky rules Dimmsdale. Snot-tootie plays with her snot. The remy turners- Remy vistas the turners after his house is distroed. Goo moo- poof acts like a gooey cow. Grow up Timmy turner- Timmy loves too tie but he needs to choose to love tootie or give up COSMO and wanda