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Season 8 have 6 episode.


Title Airdate
121 "Love Triangle" Feburary 12, 2011

Poof is upset when his parents want him to take the lead role in the school play, but he quickly changes his mind after his new crush, Goldie Goldgirl gets the female lead role, but to get the role, he has to beat his arch nemesis Foop, who also falls for Goldie.


"Timmy's Secret Wish"

November 23, 2011

Timmy makes a secret wish.

124 "Invasion of the Dads" June 18, 2011

The Dad clones that Timmy wished up in "Add-a-Dad" kidnap his mom and Timmy, his fairies, and Mark have to go save her.

125 "When Losers Attack" October 15, 2011

Timmy Turner's foes team up to form the L.O.S.E.R.S., seeking to overpower him at a time when his fairies are unable to access their magic.

126 "Meet the OddParents" December 29,2011

Mom and Dad finally realize that Wanda, Cosmo and Poof exist (which means that unless they can keep Jorgen von Strangle from finding out, they'll be taken away from Timmy forever!).

127 "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up,Timmy Turner!" July 9,2011

Timmy is grows up to 23 years old and he is falls in love with Tootie.